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Friday, April 8, 2011

Got Comic Inks

Jim McDermott
Inking is the skill of adding depth, clarity, texture and shading to a pencil drawing with ink. It is done with a brush and/or pen and different kinds of ink, depending on the needs of the comic artist. Instructions things you'll need: Pens (quill or fountain) Winsor-Newton #2 series 7 tip brush Rags Water Waterproof black India ink Scrap paper 1 Practice adding water to your ink before you start inking your pencil drawing. Adding just the right amount of water to the ink is important so that it is not too runny. Test the ink on your scrap paper. If the ink is very fluid and still very black, then it is ready for your drawing. 2 Trace the areas you want to fill in with black with your pen. 3 Fill in the larger areas with your sable brush and black ink. 4 Use your pen to add details and shading. Shading can be done by using blocks of black as shadows. The bigger the block, the more shadow the area will look like it has. 5 Make sure that you cover all of the pencil marks and areas that should be black with ink

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