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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jacinto and his Tree

Art by Jim McDermott
When Jacinto was a young drug dealer in Puerto Rico, He climbed his tree and wouldn't come down all day, he sold his drugs from his tree, Heroin, Ketamine, Marijuana Sticks Crack (a form of cocaine, smokeable), Opium, Mescaline, Methamphetamine, and on weekends PCP. He was at his grandparent's house and the tree was Jacinto's tree. It had his name engraved into it, Jacinto!. The tree Jacinto climbed had very many limbs and was very tall. When he climbed the tree, the best part was it hovered over the alley so he could watch all the bums, old sots and drunks and all day long, and you could see the police dog barking at Jacint, barking, barking and barking at jacinto, telling everyone the little boy in the tree was selling drugs. Jacinto could not wait to climb down the tree and kill the Police doggy! Anyways, one day the view was great. The breeze was hitting Jacinto's face. He thought He was the ruler of his tree. So Jacinto climed down his tree and said hello to the bum flaco, and went over to the barking police dog and Jacinto kill the police doggy! He killed him 2 times! When the doggy was dead Jacinto climed back in his tree with a happy smile and sold drugs all day long. This story took place when Jacinto was about twenty-two. Of course a twenty-two year old little boy from Puerto Rico sitting in a tree selling drugs has no brains and didn't no right from wrong, yet, his grandparent's said he was a good boy. But then again they were very dumb!

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