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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flintstones with Barney Rubble

Art by Jim McDermott

After years of doing illustration work for books and magazines I realized after going over to a friends house and looking at his wonderful sketchbooks, I didn't keep any sketchbooks. why!? I asked myself? Why!? So I started keeping sketchbooks a few months back. Attached is a sketch I did of Barney Rubble in a watercolor sketchbook using "Rotring Artist Colors" and a Winsor Newton #2 Series 7 brush. This was a lot of fun and brought back many childhood memories sitting on the living room floor, in front of the TV watching "Dark Shadows", a very scary show when you're 10 years old! And then came the "Flintstones" after school with Timmy, Teddy and my good bud Tommy, with the latest copy of Creepy, Errie and Famous Monsters of Filmland, full of great artwork and horror stories. The likes of Ken Kelly, Wrightson, Gogos and artist Sanjulian. All this and more sitting just next to me. I grew up in Lowell, Mass, just outside of Boston, home of Mickey Ward ("The Pride of Lowell"). Our greatest adult fears were created by childhood memories. Our greatest adult anxieties were created by childhood memories. The things we fear the most have already happened to us.

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