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Friday, June 10, 2011

Rodney Dangerfield Born Jacob Cohen

Illustrations and Bull Shit by Jim McDermott

A few days back I did a pencil sketch of Rodney Dangerfield (on the bottom) At
first glance I was satisfied enough with the results preformed after a long night of crab fishing, off the Alaskan coast deep in the Bering sea with my comrades. (my normal 22 hour day was over) FACT!
As some time went by on the ship and finishing up another Scrimshaw design on a fresh blood riddled tusk of the mighty Walrus I was forced ta slay for food with my x-acto knife while taking a pee on a small Iceburg (FACT!), I started ta think, might say ponder, about my drawing I penned in Whale's blood, just days ago, something was amiss? Yes! The likeness sucked! So I decided to take a brisk swim over the continental shelves ta Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula ta find the closest art supply store to get some proper tools, plus,my mate Ernie also needed some Johnson and Johnson's baby powder for his feet while I was there.
So I have attached (on the top) the latest version of  Mr. Dangerfield I rendered in between large pots of  King Crab. (I wish my name had the word Danger in it!) FACT!
My first mate Don Phillips can Co-Sign my Shit! Word!

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